Crowfoot Crossing is an industrial park and subdivision located at the intersection of the high load corridor highway 36 and highway 12, in the County of Paintearth.

At the heart of east central Alberta, this industrial park serves traffic north / south between the USA / Ft Mac, and east / west between Red Deer / Saskatoon.

Lots of traffic at our lots.

Find out more about the Crowfoot Crossing area and our existing industries or get more details on our traffic volumes, freight and shipping systems and the high load corridors.


Vehicles a day use highway 12 & 36.


People a day visit Crowfoot Crossing.


Acres of industrial park available.


Key locations joined by the crossing.

Haul Roads Lead Here.

From the northern oilsands to the Montana border (Alberta’s only 24hr port of entry), Highway 36 connects all Alberta industries, centered by Crowfoot Crossing at the Highway 12 intersection. Also connecting Red Deer to Saskatoon, this vital junction serves as a western Canadian transportation hub.